About Sharp Gent's

Sharp Gent's provides all-natural grooming products that create classic style with a modern twist. We combine 100% vegetarian and vegan ingredients with certified therapeutic-grade essential oils. Our products are organic, cruelty-free, Fair Trade, and biodegradable.

Sharp Gent's Product Line

Meet Sharp Gent's Founder, Blake Pawlak

Blake Pawlak - Sharp Gent's Founder

Before starting Sharp Gent's, Blake was a diehard skateboarder. At age 15 he got his first skate sponsor, Beach Bums Boardshops, and eventually began working there. Not long after, he stepped into management and oversaw the launch of various new Beach Bums locations across Southern California. Eventually he took over visual merchandising and realized that he had a real talent for turning a blank wall into a work of art by creating shapes and assembling outfits in a balanced, cohesive manner.

After several years at Beach Bums, Blake decided to pursue a career as a hair stylist, applying what he'd learned through skateboarding and visual merchandising into cutting hair. After a year-long apprenticeship under the Toni & Guy training program, he began styling his own clients. Unfortunately, large corporate chains began taking over and he was left with no choice but to join the masses. Deep inside, Blake knew he wanted to do something different with his talents.

One day while in church Blake had an epiphany; he was going to create an organic men's grooming line. It took two years of research to find the right mix of all-natural ingredients that were as healthy as they were effective. Enter the Sharp Gent's brand and our line of organic ingredients designed to leave you with amazingly styled hair and smooth looking skin.

Sharp Gent's looks forward to helping you achieve a classic style with a modern twist!